Announcing MyQHealth

Jiff and Quantum Health are proud to announce the launch of MyQHealth, a new product for self-funded employers that integrates Jiff’s smart technology with Quantum Health’s live experts for guided support to create the ultimate personalized experience for employees. MyQHealth is a beautifully designed and intuitive mobile platform designed to eliminate the confusion and wasteful spend that occurs when consumers get lost in the healthcare journey. Read the complete press release here.

How it Works

Plus, Real-time Analytics

Jiff Mission Control comes included with every implementation of MyQHealth, helping customers maximize program success. This live dashboard offers real-time insights and program administration that takes the guesswork out of managing benefits programs. With Mission Control, there are no more static reports. Customers can login anytime to see what’s happening with participation, behaviors, outcomes, and satisfaction across all of their programs. Learn more

Insights from Jiff and Quantum Health

Integration is hard. Learn how Jiff has built deep platform integrations with over 40 devices, apps, and services across dozens of health and healthcare categories.

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Are you highly concerned about the impending Cadillac Tax? About 70% of your peers are. Read Quantum’s white paper that offers tips and tricks to avoid paying the excise tax.

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Read Quantum Health’s case study on how their coordination model increases the effectiveness and usage rate of transparency tools among consumers.

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